The cosy tiny home

A tiny little renovation apartment in Taiwan…
This is the first level of the apartment, including a living area, bay raised tatami casual reading area, flexible desk/dining area…

From my point of view, the design seems to be looking from a single nomadic client who is longing for a cozy little home for oneself…This apartment is all we need to accommodate a single twenties/thirties working class in the hustle and bustle city… Bring the occupant into a quiet personal secured space after spending a day in the bustling city life.

“So it all started with- opening the door, placing all the groceries in the pantry, making herself a cup of tea, sitting on the raised tatami corner reading a book of hers. Then move to the desk to do some work and research…. Moving to the pantry again to prepare her dinner, transforming the desk area into a dining area, enjoying her dinner with her mates. Playing games in the middle ground which is an area for her to exercise in the morning as well. A bath is the next thing to do. At night,  she will go up the stairs and sleep on her bed feelling secured and warmth.”-kj-

Simple neat and tidy design changes one’s life. It will change one’s personal daily routine. “A home means a shelter for you physically and emotionally…” Every joinery is making a difference, for example with the movable desk, it can be a daily working area and a dining table, transforming from a one person space to a 4 person space… The raised up tatami create an alcove with gives one a sense of security and storage drawers underneath too. Sleeping area above too provide the client with a personal peaceful space to rest after a day of hard work. Perfect handling of spaces without reducing into any uncomfortable size.

A good design and efficient use of space can build up the occupant’s esteem if you believe. And a good design will definitely generously provide the occupant a sense of belonging, especially for a single working class in the twenties. Thanks to the architect ( A little design ).

august05-2017 22sqmapartmentground
Photograph by © Hey! Cheese, extracted from Arch daily 22sqm Apartment

设计团队:A little design, Szu min Wang, Taiwan.






august05-2017 22sqmapartment
Photograph by © Hey! Cheese, extracted from Arch daily 22sqm Apartment



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